The Over 40 Business Bash ~ You will love this event!



People are talking...

Shelly is the go to person for any event.  I have attended her events and she is the most proficient organizer I have come across.  Love attending any event she organizes.  -Gladys Perez, Aflac, Dallas, TX

Shelly is amazing in how she can help people make business changing connections through her vast network.  She also has outstanding event planning skills and has successfully organized many gatherings that have helped people move their businesses forward and change their lives.  -Susan Schaefer, Owner-Ships N Trips Travel, Nashville, TN

Life changing day, such powerful information. Thank you for all you have done to help me find my passion and my path.  -Julia

Shelly's events are amazing and she is a smart, generous and kind woman.  Shelly puts her heart into her events.  She is fabulous to work with and to learn from.  -Jennifer Martin, Bowling Green, KY

Thank you for such a great conference yesterday.  I had countless take-a-ways.  Looking forward to the next one.  -Darby Rae, Speaker, Author

The Conference has expanded my mind and my heart to living larger and being bigger in my mission.  I have met such incredible, powerful women who are changing the world while changing their lives.  -Terri Armstrong

I am so grateful for you an for this conference.  I made the BEST connections and learned some really great strategies that I'm looking forward to applying to my business.  Thank you.  -Margie Johnson

The conference was a breath of fresh air.  Meeting women who truly care about each other's success and well being made for a wonderful, life-changing day.  -Sylvia Barone, San Antonio, TX

Shelly is one of the most powerful networkers I have ever met.  She has a special gift of making the right connections with those in her circle of influence.  She has created groups, organizations and events to service the small business community.  Spend a few minutes with Shelly and she will freely share her knowledge and experience.  Shelly can help you take your business to new levels.  -Linda Ballesteros, Portland, OR

Shelly Rice is the event planner of the century.  She is a dynamic, people oriented professional. She has the skills to insure that an event is productive for both vendors and attendees. Above all, she's a great person.  -Errol Allen, Speaker, Trainer, Houston, TX

I have had the privilege to work with Shelly on many occasions. Few people are such a joy to work with and truly care about your success as she does.  A truly gifted business person that loves to help people work together for mutual success.  -Chris Henkel, Project Manager, VA

Shelly is a fabulous woman with a great business mind.  She is very knowledgeable in all areas of business and creates very unique networking events.  She is an outstanding lady and I consider myself blessed to have been given the privilege of working with her. - Nicole W.

You did it again.  I bow to the queen of great networking events.  -D. Simon, Business Owner

I was impressed.  I met so many people, it was a wonderful experience. I will be back next year.  -Louisa Boulte

Shelly Rice knows networking!  She can bring more people together faster than anyone I know. -Randy Mayes, Coach

The event has opened doors for me.  Thank you so much. -C. Atkinson, Catering/Owner

I am proud to have been in the presence of such a professional. Shelly Rice has been blessed with a gift everyone should experience. If there is an event that she is hosting in your area, don’t miss it! Thank you.  -J. Boggus 

Shelly is more than a resource for businesses to come together. She truly does care about the success of each vendor and participant alike. I had the privilege of hanging out after a recent event in Austin and saw her in action as people were pulling her every direction imaginable. Her professionalism, calmness and attention to detail more than impressed me. If you are looking for a unique way to network, then Shelly has the venue for you. -Trish Beach

I want to thank you for a great event in Indianapolis! We enjoyed being part of the event and made great contacts. We will definitely be back at the next event. -Eileen Broaddus, Chocolate Fountains 

It was a successful event for us.  I made four great contacts two of which have already turned into appointments.  I was pleased with the vendor participation and there seemed to be a fair number of guests as well.  I would participate again. -P. Becho

"Awesome"  -Donna Kocurek  

It is an excellent function that should grow as the word spreads.  -R. White

Fantastic!  Great way to network.  Shelly you are terrific and I hope to see lots of you.  -Brenda Fritz

Where do I start with Shelly?  If you need a lift, just talk with Shelly. She is one of the most positive individuals you'll ever meet.  She's fantastic at what she does. If you need a phenomenal event, Shelly can put it together.  She is wonderful to work with and great about recommending her friends and business colleagues to others. -Chris Brewer

Excellent information, great way to network, it was actually fun and I met quality people.  -Sandy Crane

We wanted to let you know that we thought the event was great.  We had a great time and the networking was awesome. I know we would like to be at the next event. -Christian Phone Book 

We have gained 18 new members since the event, that's just 2 days and I'm sure we will gain more as a result of the event.  Shelly Rice is amazing. -Cup of Coffee Networkers 

I believe you will find a picture of Shelly next to the word "Network" in the dictionary.  I was both impressed with Shelly's desire to connect me into her network, but more importantly, I was very impressed with how Ms. Rice shared strategy, process and ideas every time we met and conversed. She is always sharing and trying to make her network participants better.  She gives me serious take home value every time I participate in her networking events and engage her services as a business consultant.  Thank you. -E. J. Spiritas, Business Owner

Shelly Rice is passionate about what she does. She coordinates one of the most successful business networking expos around. She covers every deal from the smallest to the largest to make sure all participants and visitors benefit. She is a pleasure to work with and has a great personality. Always has a smile on her face no matter how hectic the day is. She is definitely a "Master Event Planner". She does it right!  -Beverly Schwartz

I had a really great time, met a lot of new people and saw some old friends.  I will definitely do this again.  The crowd never stopped and I'm not sure if I even sat down all day.  It was a success for us, thank you. -J. Smith, Aflac

I thought it went very well!  -V. Shank

If you live in or around Dallas this is a GREAT event to attend and network! Just recently went to the one in Houston and it was a huge success for me with all of the people I met!  -Cynthia Savvy

The event was joyful, the networking was beneficial and it was a very social event. Improvement? Get a bigger place and have more companies reap the benefits (literally it’s a great event) and we would absolutely choose to be there again and recommend others to the event. -G. Torres

The diversity of businesses was impressive with quantity of contacts.  Thanks for the invite, I would come back again. -Bonnie S. Met Life 

We came with several reps from our company.  We all had a great time.  Everyone was very friendly and I believe we made some great connections.  We are all looking forward to long time business relationships that began today.   -Thank you for the opportunity.  -Tracy Senellenburger

I really appreciate all the time you took with me before the event explaining everything.  It helped.  You have us some great ideas on how to set things up and we believe we will have great results from this event.  So many great contacts.  Thanks. -S. Perez, State Farm

Everyone was in such a great mood, it felt like a party, not a networking event. Great connections. -C. Edwards

Friendly, lively, informative, fun and successful!  I made some great contacts.  I now know more people than I would have met at a regular networking meeting. -B. Franklin

We just wanted to write to let you know how pleased we were being a vendor at your show.  We will participate every year, so please ask us back. -M. Holden, Spa Owner 

Shelly is an amazing connector in the business world. If you are looking at expanding your network with quality business professionals, working with Shelly at her events is the way to do it. B.I., Dallas, TX

Shelly is an amazing woman that has incredible business networking skills. Humble, sweet and extremely professional are not often seen in the same sentence but Shelly somehow exudes these and many more personality traits, all of the time. The events that she plans are FABULOUS for networking and unmatched on the level of vendors she brings in.  I highly recommend her for her networking and event planning.  She is excellent. -Rhonda Kayhill

Shelly is THE networking guru!  She seems truly genuine in her desire to serve others and serve them well, and that's a big deal to me.  I am blessed to know her and network with her. -K.  Theobald Llama Studios 

Great event, you guys did a great job. -R. Johnson, Owner/Jarhead Technologies

Shelly, like a true champion, watches out for others and their interests. She pays close attention to what is happening around her so that no matter the event or situation at hand, she handles it with excellence. When something challenges her, she is able to immediately recognize the best and most equitable solution for all concerned. You want this type of woman on your side and at your service. -Louise Wheeler, Mary Kay 

The connections I made were beneficial to my business. -K Yarbrough, Business Coach, Author

This was the most beneficial networking event I have ever attended.  I look forward to next year. -D. Young